Statement on Latin Village

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Author: The Organisation
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Black Rose stands in total solidarity with the Latin Village community protestors in their resistance to Haringey council's attempt to cleanse London of a part of its local heritage.

The UN condemns this move as a threat to the community’s “cultural life”. This is too forgiving: the council's plans represent the dangerous spread of commodification in the capital, totally motivated by greed and without compassion for the real needs of London's communities. The council is targeting working-class, ethnic minority traders in order to fill its pockets with private developer’s money.

We will not stand by while our city’s heritage is white-washed by soulless towers.

Such behaviour is a disgrace by any standards, but coming from a “left” council it is beneath contempt. Any Labour member who would put property developers ahead of workers should hang their heads in shame.  

Black Rose will always challenge any attempt to squash the diversity that makes London what it is.