Multimedia List

This list only contains links to multimedia. You can find text sources here. Recommendations for what should appear on the list were given by our organisers.

Interviews and Speeches

The Relevance of Anarcho-syndicalism, Noam Chomsky interviewed by Peter Jay

Government in the Future, by Noam Chomsky

Marxism Lecture (Part 1 of 8) by Prof. Raymond Geuss


The History of Anarchism in 8 Minutes by Bad Mouse Productions

Intro to Anarchy: Power and Violence by Philosophy Tube

Anarchist Organization Methodology and YOU! | Communist Quick-Start Training Series by NonCompete


We Read Theory hosted by Mark and Alex - This whole series is making Left Wing ideas and practices accessible, so if you struggle with some of the denser stuff, this is the place we recommend you start

Black Autonomy Podcast, hosted by JoNina Abron-Ervin and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, created by William C. Anderson and Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (no relation to us).

Srsly Wrong - Social Ecology Series hosted by Srsly Wrong and the Institute for Social Ecology:

Critique of Hierarchy,

End of Capitalism Pt.1,

End of Capitalism Pt.2

Revolutions Podcast - Multiple Episodes hosted by Mike Duncan:

Historical Materialism

The Adventures of Mikhail Bakunin

True Liberty, True Equality, and True Fraternity

The Paris Commune Revisited

The Red And The Black

Working Class History - E39-40: The Spanish civil war – an introduction hosted by WCH with Catherine Howley and Nick Lloyd

Revolutionary Left Radio - Multiple Episodes hosted by Breht O'Shea with Multiple Guests:

In Dialogue with Anarchism: Working Class History

In Dialogue With Anarchism: Anarchopac

Debating Scientific Socialism (Ft. Srsly Wrong & Alyson Escalante)

Marxism-Leninism in Dialogue with Libertarian Socialism (ft. Srsly Wrong)

Behind the Insurrections hosted by Robert Evans and Propaganda

The Women's War hosted by Robert Evans