Lobbying for a more libertarian approach from the Labour Party means leveraging all the democratic mechanisms available to us. The main one of these is Party Conference.

We aim to get two motions debated and passed at Conference 2020

Drug Decriminalisation: Portugal+

The first drug controls were adopted in the west with the intention of repressing ethnic minorities and political opposition during the 1960s. This War on Drugs enabled the state to criminalise drug users and violate their civil rights. Generations have suffered for the crime of enjoying their time the way they see fit, while those who need medical and therapeutic help to overcome their drug dependencies are neglected and punished.

Decriminalisation of drug use alongside the shift to a health centred approach for users liberates society from the oppressive criminalisation of psychoactive drugs and provides a safe route to recovery for drug abusers.

Using Portugal's highly successful model as a foundation, this motion takes influence from progressive drug policy worldwide.

Civilian's Rights

Coming soon.

The feedback from the first Black Rose members will be crucial in shaping these motions.