Fascism Is Networking Across The World

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First Published: Newsletter 09/03/20
Author: Jordan
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As neo-liberalism continues it’s slow sink into demise, it is replaced by a vacuum. A vacuum that is quickly being filled by movements on the left and right. With the continuous dog whistling from the establishment in the UK, we need to look closely at the far-right manifestations. Ideas that existed more on the fringes of society, that were perhaps popular in the past, are quickly spreading. One of these is neo-nazism. Among the most active groups is The Base, one of the vile affiliates of the Atomwaffen Division, a network of white supremacists who are considered extreme even among the wider white supremacist movement. (Content Warning)

The Atomwaffen Division has various sub-groups scattered across the globe, with the UK branch being called Sonnenkrieg Division. They are considered more dangerous even than National Action, and take inspiration from the Order of the Nine Angles, an extreme Satanist group. While it sounds like something out of a cheap horror film, this is terrifyingly real. Police investigation of Sonnenkrieg Division have shown evidence of rape and torture, and there are claims that they also engage in pedophilia. Moral nihilism is taken to the highest degree, with them believing whatever pain they can inflict makes them stronger human beings.

The Base has the vision of destroying American society in the Pacific Northwest of the US and forging a white ethnostate from the ashes, but has no plans to create a new order, merely wishing for chaos and constant violence. This ethnostate project is called the Northwest Territorial Imperative, an idea that has been advocated by various white supremacist groups in the US since the 70s. “The Base” is what Al-Qaeda translates to, and shows a continuation of the white supremacist admiration for extreme jihadist groups. They are made up of the usual roster for white supremacy, young white males whose disillusionment with modern society is exploited for their indoctrination. Some of the members are as young as 17 years old. They undergo a vetting process that checks they are familiar with accelerationist Nazi theory, as well as seeing what they can contribute to the movement, mainly through skills they can teach fellow members to face the coming collapse they envision.

This vetting process has proven to be a failure, however, as late last month an antifascist infiltrator revealed their findings from their time inside the group. They were part of the group for more than a year, and provided audio recordings, screenshots of encrypted chatrooms and videos, all showing how the The Base have planned attacks on synagogues and organised armed training camps, in the same vein as the Atomwaffen Division. It also revealed the identity of the group’s founder and leader, Rinaldo Nazarro, and that he was coordinating the group from Russia. Nazarro is 46, and is a security contractor from the US, claiming to have served in Russia and Afghanistan. Other members are being investigated by the FBI, with a few standing trial at the moment.

While their operations are very small for the moment, they are one player in an ever-growing global far-right movement. There have been several instances of activity from groups following this ideology in recent times, fuelled by “alt-right” sentiment. Far-left and anti-fascist activity grows in kind, but the coming decades could prove to be the ultimate match between Socialism and Barbarism